Client On-Boarding in an All in One Package

International Personal Bank wanted to create a cohesive welcome package to onboard new clients that appealed to multiple tiers of banking, and diverse languages.

Visual Variety

Working with a variety of banking segments, each requiring their own branding guidelines, such as image selection, color choices and layout characteristics. We stayed on brand while introducing new visual elements, large call-to-actions, modern layouts, various font weights, customized design elements.

Citigold® Private Client
Global Executive Banking
Citigold® International

Diverse Imagery

As an international financial institution—it is crucial that diversity is represented appropriately. We paid extra care in selecting imagery suitable for an international audience. The project was produced in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian as well as Mandarin.

The Complete Package

The sheer quality and luxury of these products can’t go unmissed, with its use of silk-coated heavy-weight stock, metallic gold, spot UV coated images, and soft laminated covers. Working with three different segments, managing five languages, each containing half a dozen pieces, amounted to approximately 50 deliverables for this project. It was a remarkable achievement for us and our client to flawlessly execute such a large order that had to be shipped to customers around the world.

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