Creating an Immersive Experience Harnessing the Cultural Flare of Miami

The Autumn Dialogues conference distills the events and trends of today to draw lessons and strategies for tomorrow. As the conference is focused on Latin America, this was an opportunity to demystify the region. Through graphic representation we were able to highlight the unique qualities in culture, business, economics and politics. While also drawing inspiration from the iconic art district of Miami.

Naturally Inspired

We selected natural elements including floral patterns and bold color schemes to unify the design. This created an immersive experience for attendees that was reflective of the Miami culture. Pushing the brand we incorporated a dynamic colors of the region. Through the use of textures and colors we were able to stir excitement into the iconic brand.

High End Appeal

The print materials gave us an opportunity to pay close attention to the detail—reinforcing the overall feel of the event for the attendees and providing a more personal touch to the event. Using luxury paper, lamination, and print techniques we were able to showcase the care and quality of the culture itself.

A Grand Experience

The inspiring art deco architecture of the venue provided us a great foundation to bring the event branding to life. From the vaulted ceilings to grand staircase helped to inspire creativity and bring the WOW factor we were looking for.

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